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Chestnut Chiffon Cake

Ingredients¡G¡@(8¡¨, round)
4 eggs
60g cooked chestnuts (grounded & sifted)
80g sugar
60 ml of liquid vegetable oil
1 TB of brandy wine or rum
3 TB of milk
80g all-purpose flour (sifted)
1 T of lemon juice or vinegar

400g cooked chestnuts
3 TB unsalted butter
100g sugar

Whipped Cream:
120g cooked chestnuts (grounded & sifted)
600 ml heavy whipping cream
100 ml icing sugar
1 TB of brandy wine or rum

Chopped pistachios, cooked whole chestnuts, dragees.

1. Grind the chestnuts with food processor until they are smooth and fine. (if you have time, it¡¦s suggested sifting to remove any chunks). Separate egg yolks from egg whites. Add 40g sugar into yolks and beat until it¡¦s fluffy (color turns pale and looks foamy, please check attached picture A & B for ¡§before¡¨ and ¡§after¡¨ pictures).
Add grounded chestnuts, vegetable oil, milk and brandy wine into the egg-yolk mixture and combine well. Slowly stir in flour with a spatula and incorporate until it¡¦s relatively lump-free.

2. Preheat the oven to 180 C / 350 F. Beat egg whites with lemon juice in a clean and oil-free mixing bowl, add the other half of sugar and beat until fluffy and can form a soft peak.

3. Mix batter with 1/3 of egg white foam, and then pour the mixture into the remaining egg white foam. Mix well, and then pour into pan, smooth the surface, bump the pan to release some bubbles inside of the batter. Then put it in the oven and bake for about 30~35 minutes.

4. Right after the cake is removed from oven, turn it upside down with the pan and let aside to let it cool. When the cake is completely cooled, remove the cake from pan, and level it into 3 slices. Between layers, spread with chestnut filling (step 6.) and then frost and decorate with chestnut whipped cream. (step 5.)

5. chestnut whipped cream: Grind the chestnuts with food processor until they are smooth and fine. (if you have time, it¡¦s suggested sifting to remover any chunks) Freeze the mixing bowl and the head attachments for half an hour. (this will keep the cream in a lower temperature) Put heavy cream and ground chestnuts in the cool mixing bowl and then add icing sugar and brandy wine, beat until cream is thick and doesn¡¦t flow.¡]Please see picture C¡^

6. Filling: Smash chestnuts with a food processor. (may keep some small chunks for better texture) In a small pan, melt butter and sugar together, add in the chestnuts and mix well. Set aside and let cool. When it¡¦s cool, scoop one cup of whipped chestnut cream into the butter and combine well.

Wendy's Note¡G¡@
1. This is a 100% chestnut cake that you can taste chestnut flavor inside out¡K I used a kind of packed cooked chestnuts that I bought in a Chinese supermarket to make the cake (please see picture D). This is ready-to-eat snack and is perfect for baking. If you can only find frozen chestnuts or fresh ones in the market, I would suggest steaming them instead of broiling, so you can keep more chestnut flavor and also prevent it to be too wet.

2. If you are going to decorate the cake with chestnut whipped cream, remember to remove all chunks in the grounded chestnuts, so you won¡¦t clog the piping tips.

3. For all kinds of chiffon cake recipes, there are few key points that you must pay attention to: (1) do not use any solid oil (such as butter, margarine or shortening) to substitute the liquid vegetable oil. (2) do not use a non-stick baking pan. (If you only have this kind of pans, you may line the side of pans with foil to gain more friction, but do not line the bottom or cake will fall out when you turn it upside down). (3) you must turn the pan upside down right after it¡¦s removed from oven, so the cake can form a nice and fluffy shape while it¡¦s cool.

Foot Note¡G¡@
1 cup = 240 c.c. = 240 ml
1 tablespoon = 15 c.c. = 15 ml
1 teaspoon = 5 c.c. = 5 ml

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Photo B¡G¡@

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Difficulty Rating¡G
Set-up Date¡G¡@10/9/2007

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