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Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Ingredients AˇG(8" round)
4 eggs
90g sugar
60 ml vegetable oil
1 TB of Rum
90 ml water (or milk)
100g cake flour
4 T of green tea powder
1 T of baking powder
1 T of cream of tartar or lemon juice or fruit/rice vinegar

2 cups of whipping/heavy cream
80 ml confectionerˇ¦s sugar (powdered sugar)
1 T of green tea powder

Ingredients BˇG
Red Bean Filling:
1/2 cup red beans
5 TB of sugar
2 TB of honey

8ˇ¨ springform pan, spatula, hand or stand mixer and sieve. * Also need parchment paper if using non-stick pan.

1. Making red bean filling: Add red beans and 2 cups of water in a small pot and boil at medium heat until red beans are well cooked through (soft and tender), then turn to high heat and cook until water evaporated. Add 5 TB of sugar and cook till sugar melted. Turn off the heat, set aside. After itˇ¦s cool down, add 2 TB of honey and stir well.
2. Heat or microwave 50 ml water till warm and use it to dissolve 4 T of green tea powder. Separate egg white and yolks. Beat yolks with 60g sugar, oil, rum, green tea water and remaining water.
3. Combine cake flour and baking powder, sift into egg yolk mixture. Mix well. Preheat oven to 180 C/ 350 F.
4. Add cream of tartar (or lemon juice or vinegar) into egg whites and beat. Add 30g sugar in small amounts and continue until can form a stiff peak.(Photo A)
5. Mix 1/3 of egg white foam into batter, and then fold in remaining egg white foam into batter with a spatula. *Be careful not to over mix, or might decrease the foam size.
Pour into pan, stomp the pan to release large bubbles. Bake for about 30~35 minutes.
6. Reverse the pan and let cool as soon as removed from oven. When the cake is completely cool, cut the cake into three layers..
7. Beat whipping/heavy cream in a mixing bowl (it is suggested keeping another pot of icy water beneath the mixing bowl to help maintain low temperature.), add confectionerˇ¦s sugar and beat until can form a peak. For the bottom and middle layers, spread with whipped cream and red bean filling. Frost the cake and decorate. At last, sift 1 T of green tea powder on top of the cake. Refrigerate at least 6 hours before serving.

Wendy's NoteˇGˇ@
1. For Chiffon cakes, you should use normal aluminum pan instead of non-stick pans because the batter needs to grow by climbing on the side of pan. (of course, not to grease the pan either!!) So, normal springform will be fine (which you can take off the bottom). or you may cut a piece of parchment paper into the shape of the bottom of the pan, so that you can easily get the cake out.
2. Put the cake upside down is also very essential for Chiffons. If not, the cake will lose the support and have a tight texture. This is the secret why Chiffon is soft and moist!!
3. The green tea powder I used here is for making green tes drinks (one pack=2g, could dissolve in 350 ml warm water for making green tea.) As shown in Photo B.

Foot NoteˇGˇ@
1 cup = 240 c.c. = 240 ml
1 TB = 1 tablespoon = 15 c.c. = 15 ml
1 T = 1 teaspoon = 5 c.c. = 5 ml

Photo AˇGˇ@

Photo BˇGˇ@

Difficulty RatingˇG
Set-up DateˇGˇ@7/6/2005

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